NBA Abbreviations Legend
Heading Explanation Position Explanation
W / L Wins / Losses G Guard
ATS Record Against The Spread C Center
H Home F Forward
A Away    
O/U Over/Under Record    
For Average Points For    
Agst. Average Points Against    
FG% Field Goal Percentage    
3P% Three Point Field Goal Percentage    
DFG% Defensive Field Goal Percentage    
D3P% Defensive Three Point Field Goal Percentage    
RM Rebounding Margin    
A/TO Assist to Turnover Ratio    
FT% Free Throw Percentage    
H Line Home Line    
Reb Average Rebounds    
FGM Field Goals Made    
FGA Field Goals Attempted    
3PM Three Point Field Goals Made    
3PA Three Point Field Goals Attempted    
FTA Free Throws Attempted    
% points Percentage of Points    
% minutes Percentage of Minutes    
% 3PA to FGA Percentage of Field Goals that are Three Point Attempts    
AW After a straight up Win    
AOW After a straight up Win by the Opposition    
AL After a straight up Loss    
AOL After a straight up Loss by the Opposition    
AS < 100 After Scoring less than 100 Points    
AS 100+ After Scoring more than 100 Points    
AA < 100 After Allowing less than 100 Points    
AA 100+ After Allowing more than 100 Points    
A500 Versus Above .500 Teams    
B500 Versus Below .500 Teams    
Days Rest Number of Days Between Games    
ODR Opposition's Days Between Games    
DR Days Rest    
SU Straight Up    
<2 DR Less than two Days Rest    
>2 DR More the two Days Rest    
F Favorite    
D Underdog    
Fav Favorite    
Dog Underdog    
Div Division    
Conf Conference    
PPG Points Per Game    
DD Double-digit    
MAR See ATS Margin (below)    
TO Turn Over