Texas 4, Milwaukee 4
When: 3:10 PM ET, Saturday, March 13, 2021
Where: American Family Fields of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona
Temperature: 58°
Umpires: Home - Nick Mahrley, 1B - Kerwin Danley, 2B - Jim Reynolds, 3B - Adrian Johnson
Attendance: 2275
Final Scoring Summary
Texas 0120001--481
Milwaukee 0021001--470
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Top 1st
Leody Taveras grounds out, shortstop to first.
Delino DeShields strikes out.
Brock Holt grounds out, shortstop to first.
Bottom 1st
Milwaukee Jackie Bradley Jr. grounds out, second to first.
Avisail Garcia singles to shortstop.
Daniel Vogelbach flies out to center.
Orlando Arcia grounds out, third to first.
Top 2nd
Texas Curtis Terry flies out to center.
Eli White triples to right.
Andy Ibanez singles to left. Eli White scores.
Jason Martin out on a sacrifice bunt, shortstop to first. Andy Ibanez to second.
Drew Butera strikes out.
Bottom 2nd
Milwaukee Billy McKinney grounds out to first.
Daniel Robertson grounds out, third to first.
Pablo Reyes grounds out, shortstop to first.
Top 3rd
Texas Charlie Culberson strikes out.
Leody Taveras doubles to left.
Delino DeShields flies out to center. Leody Taveras to third.
Aaron Ashby enters game as pitcher.
Brock Holt walks.
Brock Holt steals second.
Curtis Terry doubles to right. Leody Taveras scores. Brock Holt scores.
Eli White pops out to second.
Bottom 3rd
Milwaukee Luke Maile grounds out, third to first.
Garrett Mitchell homers to right.
Jackie Bradley Jr. singles to right. Jackie Bradley Jr. on error by Eli White, advances to second.
Avisail Garcia grounds out, first to pitcher. Jackie Bradley Jr. to third.
Daniel Vogelbach hits a ground rule double to left. Jackie Bradley Jr. scores.
Orlando Arcia strikes out.
Top 4th
Texas Andy Ibanez walks.
Jason Martin strikes out.
Hoby Milner enters game as pitcher.
Drew Butera grounds into a force out, first to shortstop. Andy Ibanez out at second. Drew Butera to first.
Charlie Culberson hit by pitch. Drew Butera to second.
Leody Taveras strikes out.
Bottom 4th
Milwaukee Jimmy Herget enters game as pitcher.
Billy McKinney strikes out.
Daniel Robertson homers to left.
Pablo Reyes flies out to center.
Luke Maile strikes out.
Top 5th
Texas Josh Hader enters game as pitcher.
Delino DeShields walks.
Brock Holt strikes out.
Delino DeShields caught stealing second, catcher to second.
Curtis Terry singles to center.
Eli White strikes out.
Bottom 5th
Milwaukee Hyeon-Jong Yang enters game as pitcher.
Garrett Mitchell singles to center.
Garrett Mitchell caught stealing second, catcher to shortstop.
Jackie Bradley Jr. strikes out.
Avisail Garcia lines out to shortstop.
Top 6th
Texas Tyrone Taylor enters the game, playing center field. Jackie Bradley Jr. leaves the game.
Zach Green enters the game, playing first base. Daniel Vogelbach leaves the game.
Payton Henry enters the game, playing catcher. Luke Maile leaves the game.
Dylan Cozens enters the game, playing right field. Orlando Arcia leaves the game.
Freddy Zamora enters the game, playing shortstop. Avisail Garcia leaves the game.
Blaine Hardy enters game as pitcher.
Andy Ibanez singles to center.
Jason Martin grounds into a double play, pitcher to shortstop to first. Andy Ibanez out at second. Jason Martin out at first.
Drew Butera strikes out.
Bottom 6th
Milwaukee Zach Green flies out to right.
Dylan Cozens strikes out.
Billy McKinney strikes out.
Top 7th
Texas Zach Green moves from first base to third base.
Dustin Peterson enters the game, playing first base. Daniel Robertson leaves the game.
Pablo Reyes moves from third base to second base.
Ethan Small enters game as pitcher.
Charlie Culberson triples to right.
Leody Taveras doubles to right. Charlie Culberson scores.
Delino DeShields bunt grounds out, pitcher to first.
Leody Taveras steals third.
Brock Holt walks.
Curtis Terry strikes out.
Zach Vennaro enters game as pitcher.
Eli White walks. Brock Holt to second.
Andy Ibanez lines out to right.
Bottom 7th
Milwaukee Brett de Geus enters game as pitcher.
Dustin Peterson doubles to center.
Pablo Reyes flies out to center. Dustin Peterson to third.
Tyrone Taylor out on a sacrifice fly to center. Dustin Peterson scores.
Garrett Mitchell walks.
Dustin Peterson out at third.