MLB Abbreviations Legend
Heading Explanation Position Explanation
W / L Wins / Losses C Catcher
ATS Record Against The Spread 1B First Base
Slug Slugging Percentage 2B Second Base
Ho Home record 3B Third Base
Aw Away Record SS Short Stop
O/U Over/Under Record LF Left Field
AF Average Runs For CF Center Field
AA Average Runs Against RF Right Field
BA Batting Average DH Designated Hitter
SLG Slugging Percentage SP Starting Pitcher
HR Home Runs For RP Relief Pitcher
ERA Earned Run Average    
OBP On Base Percentage    
Home-Away Home Score - Away Score    
H Starter Home Starter in that particular game    
A Starter Away Starter in that particular game    
LOB:R Left On Base to Runs ratio    
OPS Slugging Percentage + On Base Percentage    
AVG Batting Average for that game    
Starter Team's Starter for that game    
IP Innings the starter pitched    
Opp Starter Innings the starter pitched    
H Hits Allowed by the starter    
R Runs Allowed by the starter    
ER Earned Runs Allowed by the starter    
SO Strikeouts by the starter    
BB Base on Balls allowed by the starter    
PIT Total Pitches by the starter    
P/IP Pitches divided by the number of Innings Pitched    
G/F Number of Ground Ball outs divided by the Fly Ball outs    
OBA Opposition Batting Average    
WHIP Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched    
GB:FB Ground Ball to Fly Ball Ratio    
SB Stolen Bases    
CS Caught Stealing    
SB% Stolen Base Percentage    
QS% Quality Start Percentage    
TWL Team Win - Team Loss    
W/L% Winning Percentage    
vs. R vs. Right-handed Pitchers    
vs. L vs. Left-handed Pitchers    
Start Starters    
Rel Relievers    
R/9 Runs per nine innings    
K Strikeouts    
Doub Doubles    
Trip Triples    
$ Units Won or Lost    
Line Line for the game    
$ Won Units Won    
$ Loss Units Lost